TAKTL Hardware

TAKTL offers single-source ordering for several mounting hardware components and systems, including: face fasteners, concealed anchors, clips, and rails.

TAKTL Hardware extruded aluminum clip and rail packages are available for concealed attachment of TAKTL panels.

  • Rails are available in 12ft, 16ft, and 20ft lengths.
  • Panels are factory-drilled for KEIL undercut anchors and can be shipped with clips attached.
  • Clips and rails are made from recycled content in the USA.

Primary Uses

TAKTL Hardware is primarily used for exterior applications in back ventilated facade wall assemblies (rainscreen), with or without continuous exterior insulation. It is compatible with a wide range of sub-frame products and can be incorporated into assemblies and unitized curtain wall fabrications with horizontal and continuous rail orientation attached to a sub-frame/sub-girt system for:

  • Close-cladding (without sub-girts) for concealed fixing with equal success for both interior finishes and exterior cladding
  • Ceiling and soffit conditions
  • Sloped roof applications 
  • Panels weighing up to 500lbs (custom clips width are available for special load design criteria)

Clips and rails accommodate seismic and regular building movement. Use of TAKTL Hardware must be designed to comply with project performance requirements determined by a qualified professional engineer. Please consult our Technical Support Team for more information about applications.

Installation Features

TAKTL panels, intended for concealed attachment, are factory-drilled for KEIL undercut anchors exclusively. The TAKTL Hardware clip extrusion profile is designed specifically so that KEIL undercut anchors mechanically engage the panel without transferring internal stress.

  • Clips have an integral closed-cell neoprene pad to separate the metal from cement-based materials and assist in proper anchor setting.
  • Rails are painted black to minimize visibility through panel joints.
  • Panels installed with clips can be removed individually (with open joints not less than 7/8in).
  • Chamfered edges provide ease of installation. 
  • Registration grooves for self-drilling fasteners are integral to the clip and rail extrusions.

Exposed Fastening Options

TAKTL panels can also be attached to substructure framing with screws or rivets. Exposed fastening hardware can be packaged with TAKTL panel orders. Options include stainless steel and color matched heads for surface or flush-mount applications. Please consult our Technical Support Team for more information.