Code Compliance

TAKTL’s performance is proven in our test results. Our results are publicly available on-line and recognized by the International Code Council as code compliant. 

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International Code Council Evaluation

TAKTL is recognized by the ICC-ESR as compliant with IBC and IRC 2012, 2015, and 2018 for ALL construction types and Class A Interior applications per AC 90 , ASTM C-1186 and AC10 for Quality Management Program. AC 90 refers to the Acceptance Criteria outlining the requirements for testing and documentation, and AC 10 refers to standards for a Quality Management System (QMS) and third-party auditing of the QMS. 

In order to be recognized by the ICC as code compliant, a wide variety of tests—strength and durability, hardware and anchor pullout/freeze-thaw, combustibility and flame/ smoke, and full-scale wind load and fire propagation—must be performed on prisms, panels and full-scale wall assemblies (ASTM E330). 

TAKTL has been manufacturing to the reference standards since its inception and has had a third-party audited Quality Management Program in place since 2013. 

NFPA 285 (Fire Propagation Test)

NFPA 285 test is required for an ICC Evaluation Service Report (ESR). Although TAKTL is non-combustible and a Class A material, the ICC requires verification of a system assembly. This test was performed on a ‘Rainscreen’ wall assembly with AVB/WRB membrane, continuous mineral fiber insulation and full open panel joints.

Approved & Installed In Seismic Zones

Working closely with engineers and jurisdiction authorities, TAKTL and its attachment systems have been customized and approved for a variety of projects and facade designs, including projects in Hawaii, Southern and Northern California, Alaska and many other seismic areas. 

Miami Dade Missile Test

TAKTL passed the high-velocity wind zone large missile and wind load cycle test and is in the process of obtaining the full Miami Dade and Texas Hurricane certifications.