What is TAKTL? TAKTL, LLC is the leading provider of Architectural Ultra High-Performance Concrete (A|UHPC®) cladding panels, integrating UHPC formulation, mold design, and automated manufacturing to produce architectural elements of exceptional quality. TAKTL is the only company to focus exclusively on optimizing UHPC for the unique demands of rainscreen, curtainwall, and prefabricated wall assembly applications, manufacturing products that outperform GFRC, Fiber Cement, Porcelain and Terracotta in strength, durability, visual range, and technical support services. TAKTL began production at its first plant in 2011, and since then has completed over 280 projects in demanding climates throughout the US, Canada, and Mexico, including university buildings, museums, research facilities, transportation, commercial development, and government buildings..

Ultra Strength Material TAKTL is over four times as strong as traditional concrete, will not degrade from salt and freeze thaw conditions, and provides architects with an extremely broad design palette in terms of color, surface texture, and geometry. UHPC derives its high performance from a carefully calibrated ratio of engineered ingredients and a mixing sequence that packs molecules closely together to create very tight bonds. The high packing density yields excellent flexural and compressive strength while minimizing the capillary pores that cause freeze-thaw or chloride degradation in other cement-based products. The distinct material properties of UHPC provide opportunities for greater spans, thinner profiles and more complex geometries, while providing higher strength and durability and low installation costs.

Ultra-High Performance TAKTL’s compressive, flexural, and tensile strength is orders of magnitude higher than traditional concrete and thin cement-based products. Other performance advantages include:

• Freeze/thaw strength retention
• Low Coefficient of Thermal Expansion | Dimensional Stability
• Anchor Pullout Strength
• Impact Resistance
• Non-combustible, Class A, Tall Building Fire-Tested
• Non-absorbent and Watertight

Visual Range TAKTL provides architects with an extremely broad design palette in terms of color, surface texture, and geometry. Mold design, tooling and mold production are all handled in-house by a team of experienced designers and fabricators. The dimensional tolerances and surface quality of our molds are exceptionally high, producing surface textures and patterns in the finished panels that are unmatched in competitive products

Authenticity  TAKTL is a mineral-based material available in panels that are much thinner, larger, and lighter than natural stone, yet will weather just as gracefully as high quality stone and masonry.

Made in the USA  TAKTL’s 230,000 square foot manufacturing plant is located in Pittsburgh PA with 93% of the raw materials sourced within 500 miles.