What is TAKTL? TAKTL is both an advanced Ultra High Performance Concrete (UHPC) and the first company integrating the formulation, mold design and automated manufacturing of UHPC to produce architectural elements of exceptional quality and performance.

Ultra Strength Material TAKTL is over four times as strong as traditional precast concrete and performs exceptionally well in demanding conditions. The key to TAKTL’s strength is the carefully calibrated ratio of engineered ingredients and a mixing sequence that packs molecules together closely and creates very tight bonds. This high packing density yields excellent flexural and compressive strength and virtually eliminates the capillary pores that cause freeze-thaw degradation in pre-cast concrete and GFRC panels.

TAKTL Development TAKTL has in-house experts specializing in cement-based high tech materials to develop the TAKTL formulations specifically for architectural elements. Utilizing proprietary algorithms to optimize particle packing and water film thickness, formulations are created from locally available materials that result in exceptional strength and durability.

TAKTL Advantages Because TAKTL fully integrates UHPC formulation, design, mold-making, and automated manufacturing, we are able to produce higher quality products at a lower cost with outstanding environmental performance, and a range of finishes, textures, colors and geometries that is unrivaled.