What is TAKTL?

TAKTL, LLC is a research, design, and manufacturing company that specializes in optimizing Architectural Ultra High Performance Concrete (A|UHPC®) for the unique demands of rainscreen, curtainwall, and prefabricated wall assembly applications.

Based in Western Pennsylvania, TAKTL creates façade products that outperform GFRC, Fiber Cement, Porcelain and Terracotta in strength, durability, visual range, and sanitation, accelerating the rich industrial history of the region with the most sophisticated technology and innovation available today. Since 2011, TAKTL has been specified, manufactured and installed on over 325 major projects located in demanding climates throughout the US, Canada, and Mexico, including university buildings, museums, research facilities, transportation, infrastructure, mixed-use housing and commercial development, tall buildings and secured government facilities.


TAKTL pursues the innovative use of A|UHPC® because we are deeply committed to design and material science—and the possibilities that develop when the two are combined. Since the early days of TAKTL we have assembled the most qualified team of experts in all areas of our enterprise to work collaboratively toward creating materials and products that surpass what was thought possible and redefine the minimum standard for building products around the world. With substantial experience in domestic and international industry and practice, our approach is interdisciplinary and collaborative as we continue to grow through pushing design and innovation forward. We apply these same standards to every facet of our company.

We are committed to providing economic development opportunities and setting excellent examples in the areas of social and environmental responsibility, labor management and client relationships. Like all companies, we strive to be successful; but at TAKTL, we measure success by the quality of our company at all levels and the contributions that we are able to make to society, industry and our community.