Manufactured in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania

Located in George Westinghouse’s original research campus built in the late 1800s, TAKTL’s commitment to United States manufacturing is evident in every part of the company’s process and has always been part of our mission.

The benefits of local manufacturing range from the higher-level intention to support our country’s manufacturing economy, to the more practical advantages for our customers, like ease of ground shipping and facility visits.

Vertically Integrated

Design, engineering, material science and research, mold technology and fabrication, casting, project delivery and site support: TAKTL’s commitment to the success of each project starts with our vertically integrated approach. TAKTL has stayed at the top of its field by staying at the forefront of each and every aspect of what we do. It shows in the quality of our finished projects and it is evident in our working style. When you have TAKTL on your team, you are connected to an organization that coordinates seamlessly, rather than one that operates in silos and outsources large portions of either design or manufacturing.

Locally Sourced Raw Materials

92% of the mineral raw materials that go into TAKTL’s finished product are sourced from within 500 miles of the facility. While there are U.S. casting operations that use all-purpose dry UHPC mixes imported from Europe, TAKTL has instead committed to developing and continuously improving our own mix designs.

Scalable Across the U.S.

TAKTL’s manufacturing process is designed as an automated, resource-efficient, scalable model that has the potential to be replicated. With this model, future facilities in other regions of the U.S. can achieve similar sustainability and local sourcing metrics.