TAKTL Research Papers

Reclaiming Mineral-Based Building Materials

June 26, 2019

Architectural Ultra High Performance Concrete (A|UHPC) provides a platform for repurposing salvaged mineral-based architectural materials from existing buildings for use as recycled aggregates in new A|UHPC facade cladding. This approach provides a visual reference to the original material while closing the loop on material use and reducing the embodied energy of mineral extraction and processing.

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TAKTL Case Study | A Unitized Facade to Meet The Challenges of Extreme Environments

July 11, 2018 | University of Alaska, Fairbanks

Abstract: In Fairbanks, Alaska temperatures can range as much as 160˚F during the course of a year (-60˚to+100˚F). Winter temperatures can stay at 40-below zero for weeks at a time. Accommodating issues related to such extreme cold puts considerable emphasis on design and specification of the building envelope. At the College of Engineering facility at University of Alaska Fairbanks (UAF), completed in 2016, building performance issues were seamlessly woven into an insightful design that not only facilitates and showcases advanced engineering studies, it offers the building itself as a basis for student research and analysis.

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2018 BEST5 Conference In Building Enclosure Science and Technology™

April 15-18 | Philadelphia

Sponsored by the National Institute of Building Sciences, the BEST5 Conference showcases new research and leading practice in building enclosure technologies. TAKTL had two invited speakers at the conference this year, presenting technical papers in their respective areas of expertise.

Ultra-High Performance Concrete Panels and Prefabricated Wall Assemblies

Kevin Gannon, RA, LEED AP
Director of Program Development

Abstract: Architectural Ultra High Performance Concrete (A|UHPC) in thin cladding panels has established itself as excellent material for high performance back ventilated and drained cavity wall facades. This paper investigates the current applications of A|UHPC in unitized/panelized wall systems and the potential uses and innovations possible with A|UHPC mechanical properties, characteristics, and manufacturing methods.
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The Classification and Reference Standards of UHPC in Architectural Applications

George Quercia, Phd
Director of Research

Abstract: Ultra-High Performance Concrete (UHPC) offers new capabilities for structural and aesthetic concrete in architectural applications and building design. UHPC is over four times stronger than traditional pre-cast concrete, and it performs exceptionally well in demanding conditions. Its strength derives from its carefully calibrated ratio of engineered ingredients and a mixing sequence that packs molecules closely together to create very tight bonds.
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