High Quality (A|UHPC®)TAKTLNOW is created from first-quality production overruns that frequently occur in larger TAKTL projects, and is available in six sizes, with a variety of color, texture, and finish combinations. Panels are sized for easy handling, cutting, and drilling on site, with immediate availability for delivery.

Smaller QuantitiesTAKTLNOW is sold at minimum quantities starting at 220 square feet, making it perfect for a wide variety of indoor, outdoor, and transitional applications that are below our standard minimum quantity for made-to-order product.

Priced to MoveTAKTLNOW is priced at $8.95 per square foot (including crating), representing a savings of over 55%.

Attachment and InstallationTAKTL panels can be installed as cladding over masonry, concrete or stud walls for interior/exterior close cladding applications and are an excellent choice for back ventilated facades. We recommend a ½” reveal between panels and anchor spacing of 24” to 36”, depending upon the application. Fasteners with powder-coated heads, color-matched to blend with the panel, are available in minimum quantities of 250.

Samples and OrdersCurrent inventory is listed below. Availability changes frequently, depending upon current production, so if you do not see what you need, check back often. To place an order, request a sample, or find out more about the installation methods, please contact our TAKTLNOW Support Specialist: (412) 486-1600, or info@taktl-llc.com.

TAKTLNOW Dimensions + Price List

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