Introducing Itero™, a new standard linear texure by TAKTL Architectural UHPC.


TAKTL panels are cast into highly detailed molds, which are made in our plant and can be used repeatedly without any loss of textural fidelity. Our casting process takes advantage of UHPC’s unique ability to precisely mimic the surface of its mold, whether it is a large-scale defined texture or a subtly rough form. There is little cost difference between smooth and textured surfaces among TAKTL’s standard textures.


Standard Textures

All standard TAKTL textures are available in the full range of colors. Standard Flat Texture panels (Smooth, Rough 1, and Rough 2) are 5/8″ (15.9mm) thick. Raised Texture panels (Crinkle, Reeds, Shadows, Itero, Rio, and Arbos 1) measure 5/8″ (15.9mm) thick at the shallowest points in the pattern. Arbos 2 measures 3/4″ (19.05mm) thick at the shallowest point in the pattern.

TAKTL UHPC Textures Smooth
TAKTL UHPC Textures Roiugh 1
Rough 1
TAKTL UHPC Textures Rough 2
Rough 2
TAKTL UHPC Textures Crinkle
TAKTL UHPC Textures Reeds
TAKTL UHPC Textures Shadows
TAKTL UHPC Textures Itero
NEW Itero
TAKTL UHPC Textures Rio
TAKTL UHPC Textures Arbos 1+2
Arbos 1 + Arbos 2

Custom Textures

TAKTL welcomes an open, collaborative process when creating unique textures, profiles, and finishes for projects with special aesthetic and performance requirements. Please visit the Custom Textures section to learn more about the wide range of surface customization possibilities with TAKTL Architectural UHPC.