Extreme Durability in Extreme Climates

TAKTL has been approved for use in climates with the world’s largest swings in temperature, humidity, and airborne salinity. From -60ºF to 115ºF. From freeze-thaw to tropical. From on the beach to below the ground.

Being informed on a material’s history is as important as being informed about a specific manufacturer. In addition to asking what a company’s oldest installation is, building owners considering various materials should also inquire about the longest-standing use of a manufacturer’s product type.

Before being identified as a natural fit for rainscreen façade panels, UHPC was originally developed in the 1980s for major civil and industrial applications like bridges, roads, seawalls and marine anchors. UHPC has been living under water without corrosion or water absorption for four decades. Many products on the market started with a design concept and had to catch up on performance.

Given UHPC’s history, you could say that extremely high performance is TAKTL’s heritage.

TAKTL micro-engineers its panels for the highest level of resistance to extreme weather conditions and repeated freeze-thaw cycles. Unlike other rainscreen materials that require surface and edge coatings, TAKTL has integral freeze-thaw resistance that is part of the base UHPC mix.