Custom Texture

With TAKTL, custom texture development is a collaborative process. Custom textures and surface designs can be achieved using a variety of methods, most frequently beginning with the creation of a tool or pattern that is then used to cast custom polyurethane molds. Patterns can begin with natural materials – we have begun this process with materials as varied as wood, glass, lace, slate, and paper – or can be machined using specialty construction materials and a 3D model of the profile. When presented with a custom texture challenge, TAKTL’s mold team engages iteratively with the architectural design team. Our vertically integrated company structure puts us in the unique position to leverage our in-house technologies and expertise to achieve custom designs in an efficient, cost-effective way.


Getting Started with a Custom Texture

The TAKTL Materials Lab is equipped to develop custom low-profile textures (<1″ in addition to base panel thickness) and surface designs for material orders in excess of 10,000 square feet. Pricing for development and samples is dependent on the project. Sample sizes for custom patterns are limited by the capacity of the smaller-scale production environment of our lab (12” x 24” maximum), and development usually requires 12 to 14 weeks, plus additional time for in-house performance testing. Certified laboratory testing, if required, is an additional charge.

Select Custom Projects

30 Warren (New York, NY) features 	17,630 ft² (1,637m²) of custom ribbed TAKTL Architectural UHPC cladding and interior wall panels.
329 Broadway (Brooklyn, NY) features 3,200 ft² (2972m²) of custom ribbed TAKTL Architectural UHPC rainscreen cladding.
Kennedy Center for Theatre and Studio Arts (Clinton, NY) features 23,500 ft² (2,183m²) of custom dual texture ribbed TAKTKL Architectural UHPC rainscreen cladding.
Waikiki Business Plaza (Waikiki, HI) features 7,700 ft² (715m²) of dual texture custom TAKTL Architectural UHPC cladding.
University of Wisconsin School of Freshwater Sciences (Milwaukee, WI0 features 7,500 ft² (697m²) of custom cast TAKTL Architectural UHPC rainscreen cladding panels in six shades of blue.
175 Pearl Street (Brooklyn, NY) features 1,400 ft² (130m²) of custom ribbed TAKTL Architectural UHPC rainscreen cladding panels.