Extended Design Opportunities The TAKTLSTANDARD+ program expands the Standard program offering to include custom, low-profile textures and surface patterns that take advantage of TAKTL’s in-house mold design and fabrication expertise.

  • TAKTLSTANDARD+ material is cast to order. Minimum order quantity is 10,000 square feet per color.
  • Lead time for material shipment is 14-16 weeks, starting upon receipt of approved submittal samples, shop drawings, and deposit.

More complex profiles, perforated panels, and other 3D shapes require the additional design and engineering support offered in our TAKTLCUSTOM program.

Samples and Mockups Our Materials Lab is equipped to develop custom low-profile textures (<1″ in addition to base panel thickness) and surface designs for material orders in excess of 10,000 square feet. Pricing for development and samples will be determined by project. Sample size is limited by the capacity of the smaller scale production environment of our lab (12” x 24” maximum), and development usually requires 8 to 12 weeks, plus additional time for in-house performance testing. Certified laboratory testing, if required, is an additional charge.

Please contact our Technical Sales Team to discuss custom texture design objectives, applications, and sampling.