The first of several new solutions emerging from TAKTL’s research and manufacturing practice, TAKTL SC+ elevates A|UHPC material technology, setting a new industry standard for thin concrete panels to deliver measurable environmental and community health benefits.


TAKTL SC+ is the result of a multi-year research project to address current challenges and future requirements faced by administrators and designers of schools, hospitals, office buildings, hotels and multi-family residential buildings with respect to safe and healthy building environments. While TAKTL’s standard products have consistently been the highest performing among peers in cementitious cladding, TAKTL’s research and development group continues to design and test new, even higher performance A|UHPC mixes and methods. One of the most exciting results is TAKTL SC+, the first self-cleaning, antimicrobial, and environmentally beneficial A|UHPC facade panel.

Test performed under accelerated weather conditions.


TAKTL SC+ is designed with environmental resilience and adaptability in mind. The nano-engineered mix of the TAKTL SC+ panel uses the power of light to break down contaminants and environmental toxins, with ISO-tested capabilities proven to mitigate air pollution. With titanium dioxide built into the mix, a light-activated reaction occurs in the TAKTL SC+ panel that has been tested to reduce Nitrogen Oxides (NOx), the most prevalent family of harmful air pollutants, by 35%.


The light-activated properties that TAKTL’s researchers harnessed for pollution removal also make TAKTL SC+ highly antibacterial and virucidal. Through the same process of titanium dioxide photocatalytic oxidation, the panels are able to decrease viral and bacterial surface activity by 99.9% after four hours of light exposure. Both natural and artificial light sources activate the titanium dioxide reaction, so the material is just as effective on interiors as exteriors.

Lifelong Performance

While others rely on applied (and re-applied, and re-applied…) surface coatings and sealers to achieve self-cleaning and antiviral properties, TAKTL SC+ technology is built into the material matrix itself, resulting in continued performance over its entire life. TAKTL’s focus in research has always been to develop solutions that are integral to the material, seeking innovation not in surface-level enhancements, but in logical extensions of A|UHPC’s already exceptional properties.

TAKTL SC+ is available across current product lines. To find out more, please contact TAKTL Technical Support at 412-486-1600 or info@taktl-llc.com.