TAKTL Select

This program is intended for facade designs with simple and repeating geometries that are able to fully leverage the efficiency of our automated process and frequent production of our most popular colors and textures. The program has been designed to simplify every phase of the process, from drawings and substructure design through installation, resulting in lower pricing and shorter lead times.

Choosing from a palette of four colors, four textures, two finishes and utilizing either a 4’x10’ or a 4’x12’ module, designers can create a wide variety of layouts to achieve facades that celebrate the materiality and textural quality of TAKTL Ultra High Performance Concrete. 

Minimum Order

5,000 sq. ft. per color

Lead Time

12-14 weeks
starting upon receipt of approved submittal samples, shop drawings, and deposit

Four Colors TAKTL Select panels are available in our four most popular neutrals: Titanium, Platinum, White, and Bone, or mix colors for variation (5,000 square foot minimum quantity per color).

Color Variation TAKTL is a natural, mineral-based product that generally exhibits subtle color variation between panels. We have a series of interrelated strategies for minimizing color variation within and between production lots, including:

  • Tight specification and control of highest quality white cement, pigments, and micro-aggregates
  • Stringent quality management procedures for incoming raw materials, including color monitoring and particle size distribution analyses
  • Precise, automated material dosing and mixing sequences to achieve exact mix design and homogeneity
  • Climate and humidity controlled curing chambers

MicroSeal/T™ In order to regulate the flow of moisture between the material surface and the environment, MicroSeal/T, a hydrophobic, breathable finish, is applied to all panels before shipment. MicroSeal/T is invisible and does not affect the rich, natural appearance of the panel.

Four Textures Choose from four curated textures: Smooth, Rough 1, Rough 2, Reeds or combine textures. (No minimum quantities per texture).

Two Finishes Select from two finishing options, Cast and Mediablast. Cast surfaces are created by the molds used in the casting process, and upon demolding, no other finishing steps are required. Mediablast finish is a subtly lighter and more visually varied surface of exposed aggregate achieved with our automated and enclosed mediablasting process. (No minimum quantities per finish).

Panel Sizes – 4’x10′ and 4’x12′ Modules Panel sizes are designed to maximize panel yield and anchor spacing. Panels are factory cut and pre-drilled per approved shop drawings. Panels can also be shipped without drill holes to accommodate field dimensioning and processing. Order by full 4’x10′ or 4’x12′ panel modules.

Fastening and Substructure Panels arrive on-site drilled for face fastener installation per approved shop drawings. Panels are compatible with a wide range of applications and cladding substructure systems, for ventilated facades to interior close-clad wall assemblies. Exceptional strength allows longer anchor spacing under typical design load conditions, reducing substructure requirements compared to traditional pre-cast, GFRC, and fiber cement panel installations. Note: All anchor spacing must be reviewed by the project’s structural engineer.

Panel Layout Ideas A wide range of layouts are possible using the TAKTL Select panel module options. Please contact our Technical Support Team for examples of Running Bonds, Stacked Bonds, and Weaves that are optimized to reduce substructure and hardware requirements.