Standard Aggregate Surfaces The TAKTL design and research teams perfected a technique for incorporating aggregates of varying color and size into the face layer of flat panels without compromising strength or long term performance. Two specialty aggregate color/texture combinations are available in the TAKTL standard lineup: SPA-Platinum and SPA-Titanium. Strikingly beautiful with organic variation, both aggregate surfaces are fully tested and incorporated into our automated panel manufacturing process to ensure uncompromising quality and value. Custom aggregate finishes can be achieved for quantities in excess of 5,000 square feet.

Custom Aggregate Surfaces Our Materials Lab is prepared to develop custom aggregate mixes for material orders in excess of 5,000 square feet. Custom aggregate development is limited to 3 distinct mix options per project without cost and requires about 8 weeks (dependent upon aggregate source), plus additional time for strength testing. Our Samples Technicians can formulate colors based on physical samples or images with aggregate scale clearly indicated. All custom aggregate panels require in-house performance testing and may require laboratory certified testing for an additional charge.

Custom aggregate mixes are most commonly added to our standard Smooth texture, but can be added to any of our standard Flat Textures (Smooth, Rough 1, and Rough 2). Panel thickness may be increased to accommodate any aggregate with diameter 1/4″ or larger. Please contact our Technical Sales Team to discuss aggregate applications and sampling.