A Foundation & Future in R+D

One of the hallmarks of TAKTL’s story is that we were founded as a research project. We see it as a strength that the R&D foundation of TAKTL’s business model has been at the core of what we do well before we cast our first panel. 

Looking for a high-performance material to utilize in the design of urban furnishings, with the possibility of expansion into architectural projects, TAKTL’s founders identified UHPC as an extraordinary material with potential so far untapped outside of civil and industrial applications.

The beginning of TAKTL’s history was a steady stream of discoveries about the material itself, as well as a growing recognition of the architectural design world’s receptivity to it. Now, as a leading firm in Architectural UHPC facades, TAKTL has retained its roots in research, always looking ahead.

VECTR Research

In VECTR Research, we have built and formalized an in-house team that can respond in real-time to market trends, even anticipating what will be needed and creating effective solutions for future construction demands. With educational and practical backgrounds in advanced UHPC technologies, our researchers continuously test new formulas, pigments, manufacturing processes and prefabrication concepts, rigorously determining the viability of each idea. The result is that the newest TAKTL launches are leading the way in the market, already steps ahead of manufacturers that rely on outside R&D groups.