Rigorous Quality Management

Our commitment to continuous improvement is embodied in the Quality Management System which dictates quality control points in the manufacturing process and forms the engine for ongoing enhancements in product quality and delivery. 

TAKTL adheres to a strict Quality Management System that conforms to ICC-ES AC10 Quality Requirements and has achieved certification by Architectural Testing Inc (ATI) to consistently produce panels meeting the performance standards of ASTM C1186 Grade IV. TAKTL’s QMS monitors parameters such as product dimensions, physical properties, flexural strength, anchor pull-out strength, color, curing conditions, and provides full traceability for each panel back to raw materials.

Product inspections occur at seven distinct checkpoints during the manufacturing process. 

Under the independent quality certification program, ATI conducts unannounced audits of TAKTL operations at least two times annually, verifying procedures, reviewing QMS records, and selecting panels at random for laboratory testing and verification. TAKTL employs a full-time Quality Administrator, who monitors procedures, testing, training, and reporting.

Our foundation is in R&D, and continuous improvement is a part of everything we do. Finding new and innovative ways to deliver the best product drives forward momentum across our entire operation, from client interface through product shipping. 

There is always a way to do better, and we are always looking for it.