Project Management Every aspect of a project is coordinated by a TAKTL Project Manager. Our Project Managers work with the design team to provide technical assistance, specification language, early pricing and samples. They also work closely with contractors and installers for quoting, installation support and shipment schedules. Our managers are able to anticipate issues, collaborate with all team members, and support architects and contractors through a successful installation.

Budget Pricing and Quotations Each project is unique, with many factors that influence TAKTL material costs. Our team is happy to work with you to establish preliminary budget pricing. Color, texture, project timeline, square footage, anchoring system, finishes, panel sizes, and corner styles all impact TAKTL material costs differently. When requesting pricing for your project, please provide as much information as possible. Discussing your project with a Technical Support Team member early in design development will help you understand how each option impacts the cost and lead time of the material.

Samples TAKTL sample kits contain 2″x6″ (52x152mm) and 6″x6″ (152x152mm) samples in a variety of standard textures and colors. Each kit is assembled and packaged individually to target the specific needs of the project. Standard sample kits typically ship within 1-2 business days of the request via FedEx Ground from our Pittsburgh offices.

TAKTL manages custom samples just as we manage full-scale projects in order to deliver high quality, useful material examples. Our team investigates your project needs thoroughly to build your understanding of our manufacturing processes for most efficient material delivery. There are multiple tiers of sampling, including large-scale mockups.  

  • Color Samples – Custom color formulations (6″x6″ samples)
  • Designed Texture or Finish Samples – Designed parts for small-scale fabrication (<12″x24″ samples)
  • Exploratory Texture or Finish Samples – Parts that require design assistance from our Materials Lab
  • Visual Mockups – Large or full scale assemblies for visual review
  • Performance Mockups – Large or full scale assemblies prepared for material or installation testing

Delivery lead times are 12-16 weeks depending upon scale, design, material sourcing, and development requirements. Pricing is determined per project, with opportunities for credit toward final project costs. Please contact our Technical Support Team to discuss sampling options.

Specifications Assistance with specification writing is a particular strength of our technical support team. As an Ultra High Performance Concrete (UHPC) material technology existing within the broader category of Glass-Fiber Reinforced Concrete, TAKTL panels are generally specified within Division 07 or 08. Several selection options exist for the specifier within the MasterFormat numbering/titling system, including but not limited to:

Division 07 – Thermal and Moisture Protection
Section 07 44 53, Glass-Fiber-Reinforced Cementitious Panels
Section 07 46 46, Fiber-Cement Siding

Division 08 – Doors + Windows
Section 08 40 00, Entrances + Storefronts

Division 09 – Finishes
Section 09 62 00, Specialty Flooring
Section 09 78 00, Interior Wall Paneling

Division 10 – Specialties
Section 10 71 13, Exterior Sun Control Devices

Division 32 – Exterior Improvements
Section 32 14 13, Precast Concrete Unit Paving

Call us today to discuss your project requirements, and we will be happy to collaboratively assist you and your staff with product specification placement; section numbering/identification; related sections; panel pattern, color and anchoring options; accessory materials; and concise language to ensure completeness of your document preparation efforts.