TAKTL Facade Panel Program Overview TAKTL® Facade + Wall Elements allow architects and designers to create subtle or dramatic articulated facades that are easy to design, specify and install. Our standard textures and colors can add richness and character to cladding on existing or new construction and are an excellent material for ventilated facades. TAKTL panels are a compelling alternative to GFRC, traditional pre-cast concrete, high-pressure laminate, terracotta and stone. They are compatible with a wide range of facade applications and cladding support systems, from ventilated facades to interior lobby elevations.

TAKTL Panels are reinforced with Alkali Resistant (AR) Glass Fiber and two layers of AR Glass Fiber Mesh. Panels are cast utilizing a proprietary, automated production process into molds that yield an intrinsic pattern and finish. Additionally, special surface effects can be created with aggregates and/or a variety of mediablasting techniques in an automated, enclosed blasting line. TAKTL is the first company to fully integrate Ultra High Performance Concrete (UHPC) formulation, design, mold making, and automated manufacturing.

TAKTL Panels are tested according to the methods for ASTM C1185 without sealer or coating. The products have been certified to meet the standards of ASTM C1186. All test results exceed the requirements for classification of Type A, Grade IV (highest grade). ASTM C 1186 is the International Building Code referenced standard for exterior fiber cement panels (1405.16).

TAKTL offers a variety of programs to address the needs of projects spanning a wide range of design requirements, budgets and schedules. Please consult the table below for a quick comparison of the program choices and follow the links for more details.

Green Building AllianceAmerican Concrete InstituteArchitectural Testing, Inc.

TAKTL is the exclusive manufacturer of A|UHPC® Architectural Ultra High Performance Concrete | Made in the U.S.A.
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