Technical Performance Testing is an integral part of daily operations for the TAKTL Materials Lab. Fully equipped with advanced testing equipment, our internal team runs continual tests that efficiently guide our evaluation of coatings, formulations, fibers, colors, quality control and production strategies. Testing our product also gives us the ability to optimize our production process for efficiency and material strength development by providing a fast, easy way to test samples at different points in the curing process.

Testing Certifications TAKTL is initially focusing on certified testing for U.S. and European building codes with testing conducted by Architectural Testing Inc. (, in York, PA and IFBT ( in Leipzig, Germany. Please call if you require test certifications not listed here.

Download TAKTL Certified Test Results (PDF)

Flexural Strength TAKTL is a proprietary UHPC, formulated to support loads and span distances that other cementitious materials can’t. The secret of TAKTL’s exceptional strength lies in carefully calibrated ratios of ingredients that allow molecules to pack densely together and bond tightly. This high packing density yields excellent flexural strength in particular – critical in applications such as urban furniture and facade panels in which the material is subjected to forces along the length of very thin profiles.

Matrix Strength Most TAKTL formulations are reinforced with high performance alkali resistant (AR) glass fibers. Reinforcement type, fiber length and fiber orientation are optimized based on performance, application and engineering criteria. Depending on the application, other types of fiber are also available, including steel and PVA.

Freeze/Thaw Unlike traditional concrete (C45/50), high performance concrete (C105) and GFRC’s, the TAKTL material has virtually no capillary pores and is therefore not susceptible to the freeze/thaw degradation, chloride infiltration, and structural failure over time.