Wall Types TAKTL Panels can be installed as cladding over masonry, concrete or stud walls and are an excellent choice for back ventilated wall assemblies (rainscreen) and interior or exterior close cladding applications. TAKTL offers single-source ordering for several mounting hardware components. Visit TAKTL Hardware for more information.

Anchoring TAKTL panels are compatible with many types of fasteners. Undercut anchors provide concealed support; they are compatible with textured surfaces and install with a fast, adhesive-free process. TAKTL panels can also be attached to substructure framing with screws or rivets. All panels are pre-drilled for ease of anchor, screw or rivet installation. Face fasteners can be installed with or without counterbore holes.

Anchor Spacing TAKTL panels have exceptional compressive and flexural strength, allowing the panels to span significantly further between each anchor than facade panels made of other materials. For a standard 5/8″ (15.9mm) panel, spacing between anchors should not exceed 39″ (990 mm). The edge of the undercut anchor or the hole for face fastening must be a minimum of 3″ (76.2mm) from panel edge for highest pullout strength. For adequate support, panels must have a minimum of four anchors.

Cladding Systems TAKTL has developed sample architectural details for four cladding systems using TAKTL Facade + Wall Panels: rainscreen with undercut anchors, rainscreen with face fasteners, close cladding with undercut anchors, and z-clip interior cladding with undercut anchors.

Rainscreen with Undercut Anchors

Rainscreen with Face Fasteners

Close Cladding with Undercut Anchors