A History of Performance

The original formulations of Ultra High Performance Concrete have a 40-year history in civil and industrial applications. TAKTL has advanced that fundamental strength, performance, and durability of UHPC into a material designed specifically for architectural solutions.

Leveraging that performance, durability, and strength, TAKTL decided to bring its own proprietary formulation of UHPC to the architectural market starting in 2006. The expertise and technology required to manufacture UHPC into repeatable, affordable architectural products did not yet exist. Collaborating with international partners in material science and tapping into our own history in industrial design, TAKTL developed its own proprietary, and highly regional, formulation of UHPC.

TAKTL’s UHPC shares all of the defining strength and performance characteristics of any UHPC: exceptional compressive strength, very low water absorption, and excellent long-term strength retention. However, TAKTL’s formulation has clear advantages related specifically to architectural applications.

Recognizing a greater need for resilient design and higher performing facades, TAKTL began to pursue the additional testing and certifications required to qualify for demanding facade applications that differentiate Architectural Ultra High Performance Concrete (A|UHPC) from other facade materials and fully leverage its superior strength and durability for withstanding threats – high impact, ballistic, hurricane, and seismic.

In collaboration with the International Code Council (ICC), a new acceptance criterion was developed specifically for UHPC composite panels (AC493).

TAKTL remains the world’s only manufacturer of Architectural Ultra High Performance Concrete.

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