Extreme Impact Resistance

TAKTL panels exceed the highest level tested for both soft and hard body impact resistance. In fact, we are not only beyond the highest level, but our panel also broke the test.

One of the most frequently asked questions of TAKTL’s technical sales team is: “What happens when the material is impacted at the ground floor?” Whether impacted by a snowblower, a softball or a steel-toed boot, TAKTL panels are ideally suited to resist ground-level collisions and almost anything else you throw at it…including a 2″ diameter solid steel bar.

ASTM C1629

TAKTL panels greatly exceed Level 3 performance in both hard and soft body impact resistance. On hard body impact, the highest a panel can test to is 150 ft/lb. The testing lab agreed to test our panels to failure at 247 ft/lb. On soft body, the highest they test is 150 ft/lb. The testing had to be suspended due to damage to the impactor equipment after the panel exceeded 1,500 ft/lb.

Miami-Dade Notice of Acceptance

In pursuit of being the thinnest and lightest mineral-based panel to pass the High-Velocity Wind Zone (HVWZ) Large Missile Test (TAS 201) without requiring a structural sheathing in the wall assembly substrate for Miami-Dade testing, TAKTL’s has also developed a new solution for TAKTL Panels that has a 40% increase in flexural strength and tremendous impact resistance.