Frequently Asked Questions

Below you will find answers to the most frequent questions about TAKTL Architectural Ultra High Performance Concrete (A|UHPC®) products, processes, and possibilities.

Where does TAKTL source its raw materials from?

TAKTL’s 230,000 square foot manufacturing plant is located in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, with 93% of the raw materials sourced within 500 miles.

How can I purchase TAKTL panels if my project is much smaller quantity of material than the standard minimum requirement of 5,000 square feet?

No matter the size of your project TAKTL has you covered! TAKTL NOW program offers a variety of precut TAKTL A|UHPC panels that are ready to ship. These panels come from overruns of materials and can be used for small and medium projects that do not meet the standard minimums at 55% less than a typically priced panel. TAKTLNOW inventory is updated on a regular basis and can be viewed on our TAKTLNOW product page, or by clicking the link below.

Can I specify TAKTL panels and elements for Living Building Challenge projects?

Yes! TAKTL A|UHPC is NOT included in the Red List and has been used in projects that have met the Living Building Challenge standards, like the recently completed Watershed Building in Fremont, Seattle, WA.

“The Materials Red List is intended to identify and eliminate the worst in class chemicals and materials from a human and ecological health standpoint (across the lifecycle) from the built environment.” (

What is the weight of a typical TAKTL panel?

Standard 5/8″ flat texture panel (Smooth, Rough 1, Rough 2) weighs about 7.2 lbs/sq. ft. Panels will vary in weight depending on the amount of material required to cast them. Any increases in base thickness, profile, and pattern design will increase the overall panel weight.

Can I cut and drill TAKTL panels on the job site?

Yes! TAKTL panels arrive at the job site pre-cut according to the drawings. In some instances, field cutting is required. Our field guide addresses specific instructions and processes involved in performing successful cuts and penetrations. TAKTL Field Guide is available for download on our Downloads page, or simply by clicking the link below.

How do I store and stage TAKTL panels on the job site so they don’t get damaged?

On-site storage is crucial to proper care of panels on any job site. Please review our TAKTL Field Guide for important instructions for proper care and storage of panels on-site by visiting our Downloads page, or by clicking the link below.