Environmental Impact

Environmental Management System (EMS)

At TAKTL, we take a rigorous approach to managing our environmental impact – measuring progress, auditing results, and setting the bar higher each year. Our products have exceptional lifetime performance, backed by a team experienced in both environmental engineering and green building standards. TAKTL maintains a comprehensive Environmental Management System (EMS) to establish, monitor, and reduce company environmental impacts. The EMS is audited and updated annually and new goals are assigned for the coming year. Please contact us if you would like more information about our EMS and our progress.

Life Cycle Assessment | Environmental Impact

TAKTL is vertically integrated and its raw materials are very close to the extraction point, giving us the unique opportunity to directly control and measure the environmental impact of each ingredient and process. A complete Life Cycle Assessment (LCA) utilizes the internationally recognized SimaPro LCA and Carbon Footprint software and databases. TAKTL’s ultra-high strength means thinner profiles, with less material required to achieve the same result, and a final product that is lighter in weight. Reduced material weight reduces environmental impact during manufacture, packaging, shipping, transport, and installation. When used as facade panels, this lighter weight can also translate into substantial material savings and cost in the structural foundation and core.

Resource Efficiency

Natural gas and electricity are the primary energy sources used at our facility. TAKTL has been conceived from the outset as a sourcing and manufacturing process that is both energy efficient and uses very little water (5% vs. 12% for typical GFRC formulations and 20% for conventional concrete). Local materials, local manufacturing and lower material requirements (less weight) minimize energy associated with extraction, as well as inbound and outbound shipping.

Waste Management and Emissions

Having designed the entire proprietary manufacturing process, from the measurement and movement of raw materials through curing and post-processing, we have been able to make it enclosed and continuous, minimizing waste streams and cleaning. As an example, a water purification system collects utility water through a plant-wide network of floor drains and moves it to a centralized filtration system, where it undergoes a purification process and is then recycled back into production for equipment, mold, and part cleaning throughout the plant. A final filtration and pH neutralization system is currently being installed that will completely close the loop by producing water pure enough to replace the deionized water in our TAKTL formulation.

Environmental Health + Safety

At TAKTL, employee safety and well-being are our top priorities. We utilize a comprehensive Injury and Illness Prevention Program that exceeds federal and state OSHA standards and helps steer our Environmental Health and Safety Policies.  For example, every material brought into TAKTL, from new pigments or coatings to test supplies and raw materials, is closely controlled through our chemical approval process. Unlike most concrete manufacturing facilities, our production processes are closed, automated, and very low dust, producing low VOC’s and no harmful wastewater, and posing low risk to our employees and the environment.  TAKTL has a strong sense of social and environmental responsibility and works to protect and support the communities where we live and work. For environmental health and safety, as well as all aspects of our business, our goal is to be exceptional.