Integrated Design

Because TAKTL designers participate fully in material development, manufacturing strategy, and mold-making, we have comprehensive knowledge of the material’s capabilities and a manufacturing model that affords them a tremendous amount of freedom and control.

The TAKTL design team is made up of industrial, textile, architectural and communications designers, material, structural, mechanical, civil and environmental engineers and mold making, manufacturing and process design experts. With 30+ years of experience in the design and manufacturing industry, our team brings a wide range of expertise and experience to TAKTL product development.

We are passionate about design and enjoy collaborating with project teams to develop project specific solutions.


TAKTL has the unique ability to precisely mimic the surface of its mold – from a perfect mirror finish to rough texture and intricate surface patterns – creating a world of possibilities that is exciting in its potential. The research employed to test these possibilities is where art meets material science. Working closely with our design team, our Materials Lab tests mold materials, tooling techniques and casting strategies to establish the best methods to achieve pattern, dimension and finish in a repeatable, cost-effective, resource-efficient way. Using in-house rapid prototyping and tool fabrication – including 3 and 5 axis routers – and exploring a wide range of materials and construction techniques, it has been possible to achieve high structural and finish quality. And, we have done so in a resource and cost-efficient process that includes materials, methods, cycle times and mold and product life.

Mold Development

With a combination of the latest 3D modeling software, Finite Element Analysis, and advanced prototyping capabilities, the TAKTL design team turns ideas into reality. The product design team is integrated into the development of the TAKTL material at every step of the process – from formulation to manufacturing strategy. This complete understanding of the material has allowed the team to develop cutting-edge mold making techniques.