Demanding Project Schedules Meet On-Time Deliveries.

We control every step in the process. High capacity, automated production means you don’t have to compromise quality, surface performance, or strength in order to meet the demanding requirements of a fast-tracked project.

Expert Technical Support & Project Management

TAKTL’s project managers and technical support team have been recruited from architectural design practices, construction management, and architectural fabrication backgrounds. Our project management team is in-house, so when you call to coordinate with our project managers you are typically talking with a person who is on-site, at the plant, closely involved with the manufacture and processing of your order. 


Project specific schedules are developed for the unique requirements of each project identifying the key milestones to delivery and installation: shop drawings, engineering, tooling design, mold manufacturing, casting, curing, processing, crating, and delivery sequencing. Because we control the entire process, TAKTL has the flexibility to assist in meeting expedited timelines without compromising product performance. 

Higher Capacity & Shorter Lead Times

Standard lead times are typically quoted at 12 weeks from approved submittals, although there are many instances in which we have significantly reduced the lead-time to support customers with fast-track requirements.

Designed To Be Project Specific

We know every facade features unique requirements and we built our process and quality management program around that understanding. Whenever possible, TAKTL delivers panels cut to size and predrilled per approved submittal drawings in order to minimize on-site processing and support efficient installation.