Compare Architectural UHPC to GFRC

Design Options Comparison: TAKTL with Other Glass Fiber Reinforced Concrete

TAKTL’s surface quality and range of pattern, texture and finish options are unmatched.  Saturated colors are achieved with UV stable pigments that are integral to the mix and protected by the extremely dense ultra high performance concrete matrix.

Strength + Stability Comparison: TAKTL with Other Glass Fiber Reinforced Concrete

GFRC panels are typically manufactured with a traditional concrete reinforced heavily with fibers and/or mesh. Because TAKTL panels are manufactured with proprietary UHPC that is four times as strong, they require fewer anchor points and can withstand much higher loads before beginning to exhibit micro-cracking. TAKTL does not absorb water and therefore does not require a coating to maintain its high strength and performance. This also means that TAKTL panels are extremely stable and will not expand over time.

Installation + Cost Comparison: TAKTL with Other Glass Fiber Reinforced Concrete

TAKTL panels are cut to size and drilled for fasteners at our factory. However, panels can easily be cut to size and drilled onsite when necessary without concern for coatings. With fewer anchors required per panel, less breakage in shipping and handling, and a proactive project management team, installation can be efficient and cost-effective.

Local Manufacturing Comparison: TAKTL with Other Glass Fiber Reinforced Concrete

Most competitive GFRC panels are manufactured centrally in Europe. With its first plant in Pittsburgh, PA, TAKTL has a clear advantage in transportation, shipping time, environmental impact, and as a vital part of local economies.