Integral Color

One of TAKTL’s defining qualities is its ability to be formulated in an expansive range of colors. All panels contain pigments that are UV-stable and specifically engineered for use in concrete. Pigments integral and consistent throughout the material matrix.

TAKTL’s Standard Colors

We have developed nine standard colors with the ability to formulate custom colors as part of our standard program for quantities in excess of 7,000 square feet.

Please contact our Technical Support Team for the TAKTL Color Specification Guidelines.

Custom Color

Custom colors are formulated by our Color Specialists utilizing small scale equipment, molds, and curing chambers in our Materials Lab. Unlike mixing paint colors, the process of formulating TAKTL colors requires considerable expertise, time and internal resources, often involving multiple rounds of mixing, casting, and curing to achieve the final result. One round of custom color formulation is provided free of charge for projects in excess of 7,000 square feet of TAKTL material. Each round produces two 6” x 6” samples and requires approximately eight weeks of lead time. Certain formulations will require additional time for weather testing. To specify color for sampling, please provide physical samples, Uncoated Pantone® numbers, or Sherwin Williams® and Benjamin Moore® paint sample references.


In order to regulate the flow of moisture between the material surface and the environment, MicroSeal/T, a hydrophobic, breathable finish, is applied to all panels before shipment. MicroSeal/T is invisible and does not affect the rich, natural appearance of the panel.

Project Examples:
Colgate University | 75/25 Binney Street | Southern Utah University

Color Variation

TAKTL is a natural, mineral-based product that generally exhibits subtle color variation between panels. We have a series of interrelated strategies for minimizing color variation within and between production lots, including:

  • Tight specification and control of highest quality white cement, pigments, and micro-aggregates
  • Stringent quality management procedures for incoming raw materials, including color monitoring and particle size distribution analyses
  • Precise, automated material dosing and mixing sequences to achieve exact mix design and homogeneity
  • Climate and humidity-controlled curing chambers

Darker standard colors (Natural, Flax, Graphite, and Grey) and certain textures have greater potential for color variance.


For projects in which color variation is not desired, we offer an alternative factory applied finish, ColorSeal/T. The ColorSeal/T process affords tighter control of the surface color characteristics, mitigating the subtle batch-to-batch color variation that results from using mineral raw materials.

Project Examples:
University of British Columbia | Wasilla Public Library | Adelphi University

Note: Because TAKTL is a mineral-based product with subtle color variation and a range of surface textures, exact matches to a color sample are not always possible. Further, certain very saturated colors are more successfully achieved with our factory-applied ColorSeal/T finish. Please contact our Technical Support Team to discuss custom color formulation and sampling.

Weathering and Weather Testing

TAKTL gains most of its strength during the first month after it is cast, but it will continue to cure for several years. This curing reaction is hydration in the material – water molecules creating bonds with cement – and will cause the panels to weather when exposed to rainwater and other ambient moisture. Subtle color changes will eventually blend together and create the rich, non-homogenous aesthetic of a natural material.

Weathering is currently measured according to ASTM G155 with ΔE < 2 at 500 hours. (ΔE < 1.7 at 2000 hours for panels finished with ColorSeal/T).  TAKTL utilizes two in-house Xenon-arc weathering chambers for testing custom colors. Laboratory certified testing of custom colors may be arranged for an additional charge.

In addition to accelerated weather testing, TAKTL conducts extensive outdoor weathering tests under non-controlled atmospheric conditions – sun, precipitation, chlorides, and pollution – at its Pittsburgh, PA location, and under the oversight of QLab at its south Florida and Arizona desert test facilities.