What Is UHPC? UHPC, or Ultra High Performance Concrete, is a class of concrete defined by its exceptionally high strength and durability. It was developed in Europe in the 1980s for specialized applications that demand superior strength and corrosion resistance – marine anchors, piers and seismic structures.

UHPC History More recently, the use of UHPC has expanded to applications requiring its high strength in narrow profiles, such as bridge spans and building facades in which the material’s strength, wear resistance, lighter weight and lower life cycle costs have been the driving determinates.

UHPC Advantages TAKTL is structurally more comparable to steel than traditional concrete. As a result, far less material (-70%) is needed to achieve the same structural requirements. This leads to much lower weight, less substructure when used as a facade as well as lower shipping and installation costs.

In addition, because UHPC does not contain the capillary pores of traditional precast or glass-reinforced concrete, it does not absorb water and degrade in demanding freeze/thaw or marine conditions.