Modular + Mobile Modular, resource-efficient, scalable, automated and exportable; the TAKTL manufacturing model has been designed to minimize environmental impact, utilize local materials, and produce a range of products at an extremely competitive price. The TAKTL production line has been custom designed to control every aspect of manufacturing – including quality, energy consumption, air and water emissions and waste – from raw materials to finished product with a high level of precision at every step. By viewing the manufacturing process as an integral part of the overall design challenge, our team of engineers, designers and manufacturing experts has created a model that is as nimble as it is efficient, with the modularity to expand into new applications, design ideas and geographies.

Dosing + Mixing Raw materials are automatically transferred from storage silos to precision scales, accurate to within 50 grams for high volume ingredients, and 1 gram for pigments and lower volume ingredients. They then continue under vacuum to a final check scale, transferring directly into an enclosed high intensity mixer, where they are combined according to an exacting mixing regimen.  The entire automated dosing process takes less than 6 minutes.

Casting + Demold TAKTL has been formulated to flow efficiently into a variety of mold types with a strength development curve that minimizes shrinkage, produces high quality surfaces upon demold, and allows cost-efficient cycling of molds.

Blasting + Finishing TAKTL panels and shapes have an intrinsic texture and finish created by the mold surface. Depending upon application and aesthetic objectives, a variety of finishing and coating options are also available.  Our Media Blaster was custom designed for UHPC finishing with automated articulating heads and a vertical panel orientation to create even surfaces of subtly exposed aggregate. Media is cleaned and re-circulated in a dust-free and resource efficient cycle.

Cutting Panel sizes are transferred digitally from the approved manufacturing drawings to a CNC Bridge Saw, where panel optimization ensures efficient material utilization. TAKTL operates three bridge saws to process multiple projects concurrently. The machine pictured above can perform linear and curved cuts along any angle by interpolating all 5 axes. The equipment can also automatically reposition the components on the working surface via integral vacuum. This maximizes throughput while delivering straight, beveled and curved panel edges without operator intervention.

Drilling After cutting, TAKTL parts are prepped for anchors as required. Pictured here is a Keil drilling machine capable of performing the cylindrical and undercut drilling for the Keil concealed stainless anchors in a patented process requiring only one tool.  Anchor preparation is also accomplished using a CNC machine with Keil end mills.