Building materials and their potential for new design applications are constantly evolving. Architectural Ultra High Performance Concrete (A|UHPC) has expansive capabilities in the built environment. Our team of experts is developing educational tools to assist architects in understanding the characteristics of A|UHPC and fully leverage its strength and design potential. Drawing from our extensive experience in a wide variety of installations, we are also creating a library of how-to videos and instruction manuals to support installers and help them achieve a successful project and realize the full benefit of working with A|UHPC and TAKTL. 

Introduction to Architectural Ultra High Performance Concrete
Hanley Wood University CEU 
Featured in ARCHITECT May 2016 

Learning Objectives:

  • Explain the properties and performance of Ultra High Performance Concrete (UHPC)
  • Describe the history of UHPC and current architectural applications
  • Examine Architectural UHPC panel and cast facade element applications
  • Outline manufacturing processes and related design-cost considerations

Complete the course for 1 Learning Unit.

Designing Ventilated Facades with Architectural Ultra High Performance Concrete
Hanley Wood University CEU 
Featured in ARCHITECT December 2017 

Learning Objectives:

  • Describe wall system options for cladding open-joint, back-ventilated facades with Architectural UHPC
  • Identify critical factors for wall assembly design
  • Explain cost drivers for manufacturing and installing Architectural UHPC facade panels
  • List the types and benefits of pre-fabricated, unitized solutions utilizing Architectural UHPC
  • Discuss how to work with a manufacturer to develop budget pricing, a specification, and timeline

Complete the course for 2 Learning Units.