Overview Because of its high strength in thin profiles, intrinsically beautiful finish, and durability in harsh conditions, TAKTL is an excellent material for a wide range of architectural and landscape applications, including louvers, screens, facade profiles, rooftop pavers and planters and public furniture. Through collaboration with architects and designers, TAKTL has developed a wide array of custom textures, patterns, perforations, shapes, and profiles. These custom projects have been invaluable opportunities for us to drive forward new technologies, systems, and methods in pursuit of successfully engineered and executed solutions that challenge preconceptions of what is possible with concrete and clearly demonstrate the design, performance, and price advantages of TAKTL.

Each project is unique; please contact us about your specific application as soon as possible in the design process, so that our team can assist you in optimizing the design for the material performance, manufacturing process, and budget.  

Texture + Articulation TAKTL has successfully developed a wide range of custom patterns, textures and surface articulation. Panels can achieve a variety of relief depths and complexities utilizing 3D modeling and mold fabrication technologies.

Engineered Solutions TAKTL can also be cast or cut to create porosity and perforation, and we are collaborating on an increasing number of projects with these types of “screen” applications that take full advantage of TAKTL’s unique strength characteristics. Every solution is unique, with a number of interrelated parameters determining limits in panel size, percentage of openness, anchor spans, reinforcement method, and thickness. Engineering is typically required to finalize panel design, reinforcement, and attachment.

Integrated Design TAKTL’s integrated approach to design and manufacturing produces solutions that balance manufacturability, transportation, installation, timelines, and budget to achieve the overarching design objectives and aesthetics of the project. Our experts can help determine feasibility early on and will objectively assess the fit between an application and TAKTL’s material performance and manufacturing capability.